Get Involved


Our volunteers are what make our garden a success! We garden together Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9-11 a.m. from May through September. Anyone may volunteer, regardless of age or experience level. We ask caregivers to supervise younger children.

Some volunteers come to every work day, some once per week or once per month. Other volunteers come when we give a shout-out for all hands on deck (infrastructure projects, spring planting, etc.). We appreciate all of our volunteers!

Grow A Gardener Initiative

We especially invite experienced gardeners to volunteer in 2023. Please, help us train our many novice volunteer gardeners, enabling us to pay this mentoring forward in years to come.

Volunteer Groups

The garden also hosts several volunteer groups throughout the year. Students, faculty, and staff of SIU School of Medicine help out our entire neighborhood with their spring Day of Service. The garden is boosted every summer with visits from Your Obedient Servant Mission Camp from Petersburg and youth groups from St. Gerard and St. Mary Catholic Churches in Lansing, Michigan, who work on infrastructure projects. We also appreciate volunteer groups from United Way’s Day of Action and Hope Church, all of whom have contributed greatly to our success at the garden.

If your group would like to volunteer in our garden, please get in touch!