Garden Blog


I sit by my window on a chilly January day with occasional snow flakes drifting by, dreaming of gardens. 2023 marks the 11th year of production for our neighborhood gardens, and my fifth as garden manager.

Daydreaming for me is step one of the continued growth of the garden. In my mind’s eye I see future summers with garden beds full of fresh organic produce and mature trees lush with fruit, a prairie buzzing with pollinators and a garden buzzing with people.

When people think of gardens they usually think of the produce, but equally important is the community we find here with each other.

I dream of gardens. I dream of community. I take these dreams back to my desk by a window on a chilly January day, create actionable steps, and get to work. From now until spring I will plan, coordinate, invite, and collaborate, seeing my daydreams come to fruition thanks to the many people who share my goals and dreams.

We had a truly phenomenal 2022, with over 1300 visitor and volunteer engagements–a response truly beyond my wildest dreams. I hope for the same in 2023.

We are here, we are vibrant, and we hold out our hands in invitation to you. Join us for community and for gardening, and let us create the more vibrant world our hearts know is possible, right here in the Enos Park Neighborhood Gardens.