Eat a Rainbow!

Eat a Rainbow! will return Wednesdays and Thursdays from June 12-July 18, 10-11am. This program is free with registration held on site. There is a cap of 15 students.

NEW this year – Join us a half hour before class for Kids Fare Garden Club!

Eat a Rainbow! 2024 Weekly Themes:

June 12&13 Know Your Greens
Can you identify spinach by its leaf? How about chard? Can you tell the difference between kale and collard? In this session, we explore the superfood group: LEAFY GREENS. Attendees will sample freshly
harvested community garden produce and make & take a mini microgreens system to experiment with at home!

June 19&20 Cicada Craze!
You may have already heard about the “double brood emergence” of 2024. This is going to be a special, rare year for cicadas! We will put on our entomologist and historian hats to discover facts about a super
cool insect. At the end of this session, participants will see how many cicadas (or exoskeletons!) can be found.

June 26&27 Worms Eat My Garbage
What a silly name for a book! During this tutorial we will wiggle our way through the pages of an awesome guide to vermicomposting that was written by a wonderful, woman scientist! Attendees will put
together a DIY mini worm tower, including worms, to take home.

July 3&4 A Fruit, or not a Fruit?– That is the Question
This week, we will discover why a banana is a berry but a strawberry really is not. Can you define what makes a fruit a fruit? Participants will squeeze out the facts and add some berry funny jokes to their routine. Best part about this session? FRUIT PIZZA! Kids create their own mini to enjoy.

July 10&11 We Go Together Like Peas and Carrots
Oh, the joys, and sometimes not-so-great times, of companionship! During this class, attendees will gain more knowledge about companion planting while investigating which vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers are “friends” or “foes”.

July 17&18 Oh, Honey, Honey!
We all know that bees make honey; how they do it is more of a mystery. Join Alana for a beginner’s 5-step course AND a special, sweet honey tasting. This session will be the bees knees!

Many thanks to Alana Reynolds of Grow Springfield for being such a wonderful teacher!

Many thanks to Dr. John Flack of SIU School of Medicine for sponsoring this program!